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Vindico Digital Advertising Corporation is a digital marketing agency providing solutions to businesses of all sizes in the Philippines and abroad. We take pride in our long history of success and the experience we gained from working with multiple clients in a wide range of industries.

Through the years, Vindico earned the trust of small and large businesses, local and international. We established a strong reputation for providing expert digital marketing services that drive web traffic and sales. We are committed to serving the needs of our growing clientele.

A Brief History

In 2008, Vindico Digital Advertising Corporation started doing traditional marketing in Hong Kong and the Philippines. It kept offering the service until it evolved into a digital marketing agency, mainly because of the digital evolution and the growing demand for effective online marketing strategies here and abroad. Now, Vindico provides a complete suite of services designed to help businesses grow.

Our digital marketing solutions include:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEM/PPC (Search Engine Marketing and Pay Per Click Advertising)
  • Web Dev
  • ORM (Online Reputation Management)


Our mission is to help businesses rank high on Google and get the results they deserve. We want our clients to have a powerful online presence, build a bigger client base, turn visitors into paying customers, and generate more sales. To achieve this, we use industry best practices and strategies that comply with Google’s guidelines. Simply put, we offer digital marketing services to increase your revenue and grow your business.


We envision our company as the best choice for online marketing and revenue raising strategies in the Philippines and abroad. We pride ourselves on helping our clients by understanding their needs and providing solutions to their concerns. It is also our vision to create and maintain a happy and consistent customer base for many years to come. With Vindico, you and your business are in good hands!


We take a holistic approach to digital marketing. During the initial consultation, we will explore the direction that you wish to take your business. We will find out who your target customers are and then build your online presence with the focus of addressing their needs. We will provide the support you need, from designing your website to optimizing it for the users and the search engines. We will deliver exactly what you want from start to finish. Finally, we will give you the best marketing campaign with constant updates and analysis, so your online presence remains effective.


Contact us today so we can talk about our online marketing needs and schedule an appointment.

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Vindico Digital Advertising Corporation is a digital marketing agency providing solutions to businesses of all sizes in the Philippines and abroad.


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